These identification guides have been designed to assist you in being able to identify certain freshwater and riparian invasive non-native species. We want as many people as possible to know about the freshwater INNS that are already here in Cumbria, or are likely to get here in the next few years. Sightings need reporting as soon as possible so that new invasions can be checked out and eradicated where possible. We have developed pocket sized identification guides to help you correctly identify new invasions. Sightings of invasive non-native species can be reported to our local Biodiversity Data Centre.

Cumbria Biodiversity Data Centre,
Tullie House Museum
Castle Street
T: 01228618717

We just need to know where the sighting was made, when and what you think it was – you don’t have to be certain as its far better to check out false alarms than to leave new invasive species unchecked.

For more information about each of the species in the Pocket ID Guide, click on the links below.


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