Service available – The Initiative Coordinator is able to assist organisations with field staff in ensuring that they carry out appropriate biosecurity measures when working in or near freshwaters. Please contact the Initiative Coordinator for more information.

Biosecurity planning is essential for organisations that have staff working in and by freshwaters. Actions should be achieved through the realisation of objectives which are in accordance with the Invasive Non Native Species Framework Strategy for Great Britain  and established protocols for notifiable fish diseases:

  • Prevention;

  • Early detection, surveillance, monitoring and rapid response;

  • Mitigation, control and eradication.

OBJECTIVE: Reduce the risk of the introduction and spread of INNS to any sites worked on or visited.

Output 1.1 – All staff working on a site are aware of the ecological and economic impact of INNS, means of introduction and spread.

Output 1.2 – All vehicles, machinery and equipment used on a site are cleaned and disinfected both pre and post works. Drying carried out wherever possible.

Output 1.3 – Public who have access to sites are made aware of the means of INNS introduction, spread and simple biosecurity measures.